Chronic Pain Treatment


Let’s talk about chronic pain.

Chronic pain can affect your strength, mobility and your spirit. It can affect every single part of your life from work to basic housework even your sleep.  At KaiZen Medical group, we use drug-free, functional medicine approaches to help you feel better long-term. Our sole goal is the help you end your chronic pain.

If you are experiencing chronic pain it could be from or in addition to:

  • Arthritis or joint damage/pain
  • Muscle, ligament or tissue damage
  • Instability in your joints or scar tissue buildup from past injuries
  • Other damage from past injuries

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we have a variety of functional medicine treatment options for you! Functional medicine focuses on increasing your mobility and energy, in addition to easing your pain.

What kind of relief is out there?

At KaiZen Medical Group, we can offer relief from chronic pain in a variety of ways. We use treatments such as amniotic allograft, Neurotherapy, massage, rehab, weight loss plans and acupuncture to help ease chronic pain. We work on your entire body so that you feel better long-term. We don’t believe you should have to live with chronic pain and we will use rehabilitative and regenerative therapies to help you in any way we can.


Valued at $400, Neurotherapy can help with chronic pain, fatigue, depression and a wide array of other issues you may be experiencing. By doing Neurotherapy, we monitor your brain activity in order to improve your health.



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If Neurotherapy doesn’t sound right for you, we also offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and FREE POSTURAL SCANS.

A free consult with one of our rehab and regenerative doctors is the first step in managing your chronic pain. Our free consults even include a complimentary postural scan. The postural scan can help us to identify issues that you may have with your posture and give us a starting point for identifying things to work on in your body.

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We want to end your battle with chronic pain

At KaiZen Medical Group, we offer state of the art treatments and have the most advanced technology to help you with your chronic pain. We want you to live a happy, healthy and pain-free life.

Call our doctors today at (480) 941-2147 to start winning the battle against your chronic pain.

Neurotherapy Session Free Neurotherapy Session
(valued at $400 Dollars)

Free Consultation (with Postural Scan)
(for any services)

Free Postural Scan

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