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Our bodies are meant to move energetically, with a full range of motion. Many things get in the way of that, and as a result, chronic pain and disease develops. This is not only uncomfortable, but also takes away from the full enjoyment of day to day life.

That’s why Functional Medicine is at the core of KaiZen Medical Group’s practice. We believe in addressing our patients as a whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Our Practitioners spend time listening to our patients’ histories and evaluating physical, environmental and lifestyle factors that influence current and long-term health goals.

In this way, we can work with patients to develop personalized, results-oriented care plans that empower our patients to address the underlying cause of their disease or discomfort. Our board-certified health professionals work with innovative and effective care models that combine different non-surgical treatments to get patients feeling an increase of energy and improved range of motion.

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Functional Medicine FAQ
  • How is Functional Medicine different from traditional Western Medicine?

    Conventional Western medicine typically looks at all of your symptoms first, which tends to result in a diagnosis. Patients are often prescribed drugs, surgeries or other non-regenerative treatments to help treat these symptoms… and that’s where the recommendations become limiting. What conventional medicine doesn’t really offer are solutions to help treat the underlying factors that are causing the symptoms in the first place.

    Additionally, conventional medicine neglects to treat the body as a whole or address the inherent differences amongst individuals, and the possible causes or lasting impact that a disease or pain can have. This is where chronic issues become a cycle that is hard to get out of.

    And if you are generally healthy, and looking to improve your overall health with preventative solutions, conventional medicine doesn’t really have much to offer you.

    The goal of Functional Medicine is to promote the health and vitality of each patient. Practitioners examine each patient’s lifestyle and unique biochemical and physical factors, to identify the underlying cause of their disease or pain, and find solutions and treatment to help you return to optimal health.

    Functional Medicine also includes preventative solutions for individuals who are in good health, looking to improve. There are a variety of services that help you combat the typical wear and tear that comes along with the years of living in our environment and the choices that we’ve made in our nutrition, physical activity, and overall lifestyle choices.

    Does Functional Medicine work well for sports and athletics?

    Functional Medicine is a great method of treatment for active or retired athletes of all ages. The reason is because this type of care plan focuses on increasing the mobility of your body and the overall flow of energy…two very vital components of creating a body that is pain-free, and keeping a healthy body intact!

    KaiZen Medical Group stretches over three vital areas of health: Rehabilitative, Regenerative and Preventative. Athletes are constantly challenging their body’s physical capacity, and so these three areas are vital to creating and protecting what their body is capable of doing.

    If injuries go unaddressed, degeneration is triggered, leading to inflammation, chronic disease, and pain. Often times, people feel they have to live with this chronic pain or endure unwanted surgeries to try and fix the problem. But there are other options, such as rehabilitative and regenerative therapies, that allow very little downtime, with the possibility of amazing, lasting results.

  • What type of services are available in a Functional Medicine Model?

    At the core of Functional Medicine, there is a patient-centered approach rather than a disease-centered approach to treatment. For that reason, each patient may differ in the care plan that is best for them, because there is no cookie-cutter program. Everyone has a different capacity for what they can do physically and mentally.

    Because of this, a Functional care plan will involve different services for different people. Our KaiZen Medical Group team of leading professionals will collaborate in developing a program that helps you with whatever level of care you are seeking: rehabilitative, regenerative or preventative. Some of these treatments may include, but are not limited to:

    • Range of Motion Exercises & Stretches
    • Stem Cell Treatments
    • Trigger Point or Other Joint Injections
    • Anti-inflammatory Treatments
    • Chiropractic Adjustments
    • IV Vitamin Therapy & Supplements
    • Allergy Testing & Treatments
    • Rehab and Physiotherapy
    • Weight Loss Treatments
    • Labs for Testing Nutritional Status, Digestive Functions, etc.
    • Electrical Stimulation (such as TENS)
    • Acupressure Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Hormone Replacement Therapy
    • Traction and Vibration Therapy
    • ….and more!

    All of the treatments we recommend at KaiZen Medical Group are non-surgical and healthy options for your body. We create a fun and safe environment for you to get-and-stay in your best possible health. We are committed to offering you the best treatment options we can, and are constantly seeking out new ways to allow your body to regenerate and heal so that you can have a pain-free and full-of-energy life!

    How does KaiZen Medical Group differ from a pain clinic?

    It’s a really good thing to be able to reduce chronic pain patients feel, but we like to go one step further. We work with patients to connect their body’s ability to heal itself, retrain their bodies to function properly and provide preventative care to avoid future injuries.

    Many patients come to us after experiencing unsatisfactory treatments from pain management clinics and specialists, only to have their chronic pain persist or get worse. Their doctors have recommended surgery or other intensive treatments as their only option to solving their chronic pain.

    Our strategies for pain relief do NOT include the prescription of Opioid pain medications, antidepressants, and surgery. We differ in our treatment approach.

    We focus on the whole process because your complete recovery includes all of it! We don’t just help you get out of pain- we help you stay out of pain. Our treatments are non-surgical and non-narcotic, primarily focusing on solutions that promote the regenerative qualities of your body.

    Also, not all of our patients come to us because they are in pain. Because our roots are in preventative care therapies, some of our patients feel great already and are looking to bring their health to the next level. They love our regenerative therapies and take advantage of our variety of services as part of their lifestyle.

  • What happens during an initial Functional Evaluation?

    A Functional Evaluation is different than a traditional physical exam that generally results in a quick visit, addressing a shotgun, generic approach to your current symptoms.

    At KaiZen it is the foundational fact-finding session, where we understand your current health situation, symptoms or problems you are experiencing, as well as a comprehensive understanding of your current lifestyle factors.

    There are a series of non-invasive tests that are done onsite- including a range of motion exam, digital X-ray’s, and orthopedic testing, to name a few. We do all these tests onsite- so it is convenient for you!

    Once the initial exam is complete, you come back for a Report of Findings, where you will receive a recommended care plan based on your health goals. Together we review all of the results of your evaluation and determine the best strategy for your next steps in your health.

    How long does it take to get results from my Functional Evaluation?

    Because the testing we do is all onsite, you will receive results from your exam very quickly. During the initial exam, we will set a time for you to come back and review those results within 24-48 hours.

  • Do I have to get lab work done?

    Based on your current health concerns, there may be a need to complete some lab work, so that our Practitioners can eliminate any “guesswork”, and provide a basis for you to see where you are at, as well as the ability for our Practitioners to evaluate the potential for improvement. Our team will use these results to develop your personalized program, addressing the ideal way to get you to your overall health goals.

    Will I be getting X-Rays done?

    The goal of Functional Medicine is to get your body functioning at its optimal level. X-rays help our Practitioners determine the presence or degree of degeneration, diseases and anything that may be abnormal.

    You may receive X-rays in areas related to the symptoms you are experiencing. It is essential to evaluate any subluxation, or misalignments, which could be causing pain and health problems.

  • Will my health insurance cover treatments?

    At KaiZen Medical Group, our goal is to have quality care accessible to everyone who wants to receive it, so we will bill your insurance similar to other doctor’s offices.  

    As you may have experienced with other medical practices, we bill your insurance for each visit and treatment, and you cover the co-pays or deductibles. The amount you will be responsible for depends on the insurance coverage you have in place.

    We work with a variety of healthcare plans and providers. During your Initial Functional Exam, we will gather your insurance information, and then present to you the areas of your personalized care plan that are covered by your current health insurance.

    If I don't have health insurance, can I still be treated?

    If you do not have health insurance, no problem. We often treat patients who self-pay for their care.  During your Report of Findings, we will present to you a simple self-pay pricing structure, that helps take out the guesswork of what getting the care you want and deserve will mean to your budget.

    We strive to create affordable payment solutions, and accept checks, debit cards, credit cards, and care credit options as payment for your visit.

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