Body Composition Testing

Body Composition & Cellular Health Assessment with Hydration Test (BCH)

A complete assessment of how healthy you truly are, as well as determination of deficiencies that should be targeted. Instead of simply measuring your scale weight, BCH testing distinguishes “good versus bad” weight through an assessment of body fat, lean muscle & total body water. Learn if you are properly hydrated for optimal skin health, organ function & overall wellness, and most importantly, determine your Cellular Health Index!

Cardiopulmonary Physiological Exercise Test (CPET)

The most complete preventive diagnostic available & referred to as “The Ultimate Vital Sign”, the CPET provides a data-driven approach to optimizing longevity, well-being and performance in the most efficient manner possible. Data obtained includes:

  • Assessment of Underlying Medical Conditions That May Be Limiting Performance
  • Physiological Heart & Lung Age
  • Caloric & Macronutrient Recommendations
  • Exercise Recommendations w/ Optimal Heart Rate Training Zones
  • VO2 Max & Anaerobic Threshold
  • And Much More!
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